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Ogden/Weber CVB

Ogden/Weber CVB Featured

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Our mission is to create economic growth by making the Ogden/Weber area the preferred convention and visitor destination.

This is our home. Our skyscrapers are Ben Lomond Peak, Mt. Ogden and Strawberry Peak. You probably won't see a lot of celebrities, but you'll see plenty of stars. You'll find good eats, a place to sleep and a huge playground.

Whether you're enjoying the serenity of our mountains or the eclectic vibe of notoriously charming Historic 25th Street, we hope you feel welcome in our home.

We pride ourselves on having a little something for everyone here in Ogden, Utah. Our rich “mountain to metro” personality derives from a unique balance of downtown Ogden’s vibrant shopping, dining, and nightlife with back yard access to year round, heart-pounding outdoor recreation and the majestic beauty of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

Once a lawless frontier town teeming with larger-than-life legends and colorful characters, Ogden today is all about one thing - making you feel at home while setting the stage for genuine adventure.

Ogden offers some of the best skiing, snowboarding, and extreme sports in Utah – with three ski resorts within 20 minutes and eleven national parks less than a day’s drive away. You can mingle with friendly locals in a comfy mom ‘n pop restaurant or cruise the funky arts and entertainment districts that surround Historic 25th Street.

Feel free to poke around our travel guide as you map out your vacation or conference. We’ve got a line on the best hotels and resorts and meeting venues, along with the ins and outs on all the fun, fabulous things to do during your visit.

Come to Ogden, Utah and discover a high adventure getaway unlike any other. Maybe your stay will invite you to investment in a piece of the best real estate on earth. All just a quick 35-minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport.

Crossroads of the West

Ogden was incorporated as a city in 1851, three years after it was settled. This made it the third incorporated city west of the Missouri River, the first two being San Francisco and Salt Lake City. It was a typical Mormon settled western community of homes and businesses centrally located with farms surrounding the outlying areas. The Ogden River to the north and the Weber River to the west created a natural boundary for the city to separate farm land from land for development.

The dynamics of the City were soon to change as the transcontinental railroad tracks made their way toward Ogden from the east to join with tracks that were also being laid from the west that would meet together at Promontory Summit some 57 miles to the northwest. On March 8, 1869, the first locomotive steamed into Ogden following right behind the Union Pacific track layers. The citizens of Ogden came out to welcome the train with a ceremony that evening with banners that read, “Hail to the Highway of the Nations!

Utah bids you Welcome.” Quoting from Tullidge‟s Quarterly magazine about the event, “Three cheers for the great highway were then proposed and given, when the wildest enthusiasm and demonstrations of joy prevailed, and the shouts rent the air. Amid the alternate pealings of the artillery‟s thunder, the music of the band, and the long continued shrill whistling of the three engines, the waving of hats, kerchiefs, and other demonstrations of pleasure, rendered the occasion such as will not soon be forgotten by those present.”



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