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Established in 1988, the Own in Ogden down payment assistance real estate program has helped over 1,400 households realize the dream of home ownership. The Own in Ogden Program provides zero interest, deferred payment loans to qualified buyers who are purchasing an approved property within specifically-targeted areas of Ogden City.

Own in Ogden loan amounts are determined by property location, and can be used toward the down payment and closing cost expenses associated with purchasing a residential, owner-occupied property real estate.


Specific requirements for Own in Ogden home purchases include:

  • Household maximum annual income qualifications
  • Property location within the current target area
  • Property is the primary place of residency throughout the term of the loan
  • Purchase price maximum limits
  • Residential zoning
  • Absence of any unresolved code enforcement violations
  • Property meets minimum standards of construction, habitability and safety

For specific requirements, please refer to the Own in Ogden program guidelinesPDF Document (pautas del programaPDF Document

Own in Ogden funds are available on a first come first serve basis.

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