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Design Philosophy

Whisper Ridge at Stone Canyon in Mountain Green Utah is an architecturally planned community that begins with a respect and consideration of the natural landscape and reflects the independent spirit of the west.  Through  architectural design , and planning of home sites Whisper Ridge intends to be large scale work of art, where the subtle blending of  people, structures, and the native landscape result in a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing community.

Architectural Design

The aesthetic objective of every home at Whisper Ridge should be to allow the buildings to fit quietly into the existing landscape. The goal is to create appealing and interesting structures that are subtle and complementary to the dominant beauty of the mountain setting and not over power it.

There is no “Whisper Ridge style”; however there is a unifying philosophy of design Homes should reflect regional traditions and respond to the unique character design requirements of the mountain climate. The desire is for as much subtle expression as imagination, topography, and continuity will allow. The principle objective is to add elements of architectural richness and variety to individual dwellings without allowing exceedingly flashy, ostentatious or attention-grabbing designs.

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