Best Housing Markets for 'Health and Wealth'

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A new report suggests that cities offering healthy living opportunities also have more possibility for home price appreciation.

The study, conducted by RealtyTrac and the Local Market Monitor, ranked cities based on their “health and wealth” opportunities, factoring in such items as chronic disease rates, environment (such as air quality and radon), physical activity opportunities, house appreciation, foreclosure discounts, lower-than-average unemployment, and more.

“While families have many good options across the country in terms of places where healthy living is evident and the prospect of appreciating home prices is solid, there are some markets that clearly stand head and shoulders above the rest,” says Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac. “The markets considered for the Health and Wealth list all have strong appreciation potential. Some are healthier than others. This report not only features those top markets for appreciation but also highlights important health- and wealth-related factors for families to research in any market before they make the decision to buy a home.” 

The following housing markets ranked top for health, according to RealtyTrac: 

  • Texas
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • North Carolina
  • California
  • Tennessee
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Iowa
  • Arkansas

Source: RealtyTrac

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